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I  began my career in this industry in 2010 when I graduated Cosmetology School in Columbus Ohio. I have always had a strong love and appreciation for beauty. Throughout my career, I have offered Hair, Nail, Massage and Makeup services. My passion however has always been in Makeup and that is when I began my journey into Permanent Cosmetics. I  have now been a certified advanced Brow & PMU artist since January 2018 and I am not done yet! I love to learn and am always looking for ways to advance my technique and offer new innovative services to my clients. I know in this industry there are many choices and I am truly thankful when my clients trust & choose me! I can't wait to meet you!


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Glow Studio's Newest Team Member!
Please contact Emily directly to schedule. Her services and pricing can be found at the link below - pricing listed on the website applies to Madisen only at this time.

Hello, my name is Emily! I have been super involved in a ton of different realms of the beauty world since I was younger. I have loved fashion, beauty trends, and makeup, and I put a lot of time into keeping up with all of these things. I have been offering makeup services since 2016 and I have loved doing weddings, dances & photography makeup over the years. The bottom line is that I love to make people feel beautiful. This year I began my journey in permanent makeup. I am now a certified permanent makeup artist, and will be offering many different services, including microblading, combo brows, brow henna, threading, lamination, makeup services and so much more to come. I can’t wait to meet you & make you feel more beautiful!! xoxo, Emily <3




There are two ways in which you can request an appointment. You may click the "Contact" link at the top of this page and fill out the contact form. You may also text the phone number listed at the top of this page as well. Please be sure to include first and last name, a phone number and which service you are interested in. Please also be sure to read the "Before You Book" section to ensure you are a good candidate for Permanent Makeup.


Most customers only report slight discomfort during a Microblading or PMU session. Topical numbing agents are used before and during the appointment to allow for the most comfort possible.


-Microblading is the most natural look in Brow PMU (Permanent Makeup). Microblading is the look of simulating additional hair strokes into the brow area to help define and fill sparse areas or enhance already semi-full brows. There will be visible skin between the hair strokes — if the desired end result is more of a powdered in makeup finish - you will want to opt for a combo brow! Microblading is also more suitable for clients with normal to combination skin. Some clients with traditional Microblading will still find themselves filling in the brows from time to time depending on the occasion. Touch ups are recommended every 12-18 months! 

-Combo Brows are a step up from Microblading. A Combo Brow can be very soft and natural, yet also bold depending on the clients preference. Combo brows are the combination of Microbladed hair strokes and machine shading which gives the powdered in finish. Combo Brows are a great option for clients with noticeable asymmetry or a significant lack of brow hair. Combo Brows are also more suitable for clients who tend to have more of an oily skin type but they are also a great option for all skin types! Combo Brows will give a more filled in and defined look when healed leaving less daily maintenance. Touch ups are recommended every 18-24 months!


Healing time takes a total of 4 weeks but it is only the first 7-10 days on average where you are caring for the brows and applying a topical healing agent. The brows will at first appear dark, then begin the flaking process. Once the flaking has resolved, the brows will feel light and then you notice the color coming back by week 4. You will need to avoid water, heavy sweating, tanning, botox and chemicals during your healing process.


You will either be required to bring a $100 cash deposit to the studio or you can place a valid credit card number on file. This card will only be charged in the event of a cancellation or no-show occurring outside of my allotted 48 Hour Window.


You must give a minimum of a 48 hour notice for any cancellation or to re-schedule your session. Any cancellations occurring after the 48 hour window will result in a $100 cancellation fee and an additional deposit will be required to reschedule. No show appointments will NOT be rescheduled.



Before booking your appointment, we first must ensure you are a good candidate! Please pay special attention to the bullet points below before filling out the contact form to schedule! Some conditions may require a doctor's note to proceed.

  • Using Accutane or have used within the past 6-12 months

  • Pregnant or Nursing 

  • Previous work from another artist will first require a consultation

  • If you are on a prescription Blood Thinner

  • Heart condition or using heart medications 

  • Diabetes (doctor's note will be required)
  • Skin Disease or conditions (facial area)

  • Botox, Chemical Peels within 2 weeks of your appt.

  • Frequently tan (will need to refrain a week before appt. and 2-3 weeks after)

  • Going on vacation within 3 weeks of your appointment/touch up session

  • Allergy to lidocaine or numbing agents

  • History of Keloid or Hypertrophic scarring

  • Undergoing chemotherapy treatment (must be 6 months out from treatment)

  • LIP BLUSHING - If you ever get cold sores -you will be required to be on Valtrex 3 days before and 3 days after your initial session & touch up session